Project of Armenian Export Center

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One of the key achievements of AEC in 2020 was the establishment of imperishable basis for the development of retail export in CIS countries. AEC together with WildBerries creates one platform for introducing Armenian products to CIS countries through the retail export.

Being established in 2019, Armenian Export Center started cooperation with WildBerries, which is the most rapidly developing online-export platform in CIS countries. As a result, Armenian Export Center while conducting traditional export to third countries and cooperation with eBay (worldwide online-export), provides another model of online-export to Armenian producers to be introduced in CIS countries.

Possessing the dynamic development of e-sales, Armenian Export Center provides Armenian producers to be involved in development process of e-sales and ensures the growth of Armenian products' sales.

According to the results of analysis, CIS countries share in Russian producers’ profit was 43%. The number of Russian retailers in 2018 amounted 25,388, but in 2019, it increased to 29,131. Thus, during one year, retail export in Russia increased by almost 14%.
Due to the fact that retail export in CIS countries grows up year by year: in 2016 32%, in 2018 38% and in 2019 43%, AEC plans to increase sales through the retail export as well as for Armenian producers, since AEC considers Armenian products to be qualitatively competitive and required in foreign markets.

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Armenian Export Center emphasizing the development of retail sector of the economy, which is considered as one of the most important elements for ensuring economic growth, includes in its activities all the platforms and spheres that have the dynamics of uninterrupted development.

We never compete with producers. We support producers and develop the opportunities of international trade.

We win when our producers succeed.


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